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FLOWpresso® works wonders in many ways for all types of people. 

Providing a unique therapy that encourages the body to release toxins and promote the body’s self healing mechanisms so it can restore balance and enhance health.

The non-invasive therapy uses a combination of compression, far infrared and deep pressure to encourage relaxation, sleep and energy.


Features of Our Products

Recover, Rejuvenate, Perform

The FLOWpresso® system is a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment, to enhance physical and mental wellbeing and restore health


FLOWpresso has a configuration designed to support the body and mind to relax and rest. A combination of deep pressure stimulation, compression and infrared heat creates the needed environment for your body to relax, de-stress and recover from the whirlwinds of life. It does not take long till you find yourself in a profoundly restful state - leaving you relaxed and calm.


Once we recognize ther is a need for recovery, we then understand the importance to rejuvenate and restore. To rejuvenate means to look or feel better, younger and more vital. FLOWpresso technology can assist the body with rejuvenating by helping improve sleep quality. With the deep pressure calming the body and balancing the senses, and the far-infrared heat delivering sleep-promoting effects, it will help the body to regulate sleep patterns. Quality sleep can influence your overall wellbeing and health.


The ability to perform at your optimal is a requirement in today's society. However, it is essential to remember to care for yourself and rest.FLOWpresso creates the environment and nourishment required to support the wellbeing of oneself. By introducing FLOWpresso to your life, you can help sustain a healthy balance within yourself. Your output can only ever be as good as your input, which is why at FLOW, we value the importance of balance and harmony - as, without it, we are unable to reach our full potential.

The Best Compression Suit on the Planet

What makes FLOWpresso Awesome?

  • The suit pieces cover the abdomen and extremities with velcro fasteners to ensure comfort for all shapes and sizes. 

  • There are 22 individual chambers that inflate sequentially before its predecessor completely deflates, to ensure a selective progressive pressure without any flow back.

  • It has two separate modes programmed (sports and relaxation) with different cycles in order to deliver a specific/individual experience for each person.

  • Pressure regulation can be applied individually to each chamber of the pieces.

  • Far infrared heat can be delivered to four different sections.

  • Air pressure pieces are made from fibre carbon, and therefore more durable and easier for cleaning.

  • Additional add on:  A PEMF type technology, with proprietary nano vibrational technology to improve the FLOW of energy of the neck and head.

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